Ashley Parker is the Maggie Haberman of Jonathan Swan lol. She’s still dwelling on wedding gate…not getting invited to Naomi Biden’s wedding. Thank you for pointing out her consistent and worst take at objective journalism

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The over-educated, under-intelligent, otherwise-unemployable Trust Fund Babies of the Washington Press Corpse are a bigger problem than Trump. At least you know Trump is The Enemy.

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I don't think the WaPo article was quite the display of both-siderism you say. My sense is that the article was not trying to EQUATE the warnings of "retribution" and similar calls of doom with Democratic criticisms of Social Security policy, but to CONTRAST them. The focus was on the nihilism, the truly apocalyptic nature of the entire GOP name-calling game compared to the specific dangers that Biden and the Democrats warn of. I suspect we are supposed to take the Jane Fonda incident with tongue fairly firmly in cheek.

The discussion of Biden's calls against Ultra-Magites makes it quite clear that Biden was talking about a specific part of the GOP, while the right tends to lard their rhetoric in "Sinners at the Hands of an Angry God" mode. Biden is shown to be in direct contrast to the blanket blasting of Democrats in general by the likes of Sarah Huskster-bee Sanders who simply portrays ALL Democrats as the "radical left". One critical difference: "“children are taught to hate one another on account of their race” is a freakin' MYTH whereas something like the touting of "illiberal democracy" is indeed a fact.

I certainly didn't come away from the article with the impression that the Democratic criticisms of the Right are "just as bad as" the doom-saying of the Right. The article reinforces the general observation that absent any specific policies the GOP is reduced to empty threats.

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