The UAW decision to strike, demanding 36% raise has me wondering what oligarchs are pushing this. I’m disappointed Weingarten is supportive. I’ve negotiated teachers contracts, this feels like they aren’t negotiating in good faith. I hope it doesn’t end like Brown and Sharpe in RI, where there were no winners, company went belly up. Skilled manufacturers ended up with less paying jobs. Families broken.

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There are really two basic issues in Fani Willis's prosecution: 1) Whether there was a RICO conspiracy at all and 2) whether a particular defendant was involved in it. Is there any way 1 can be determined initially and affirmatively in one trial --and wouldn't that considerably shorten any other trials? What happens if either Powell or Chesebro is convicted under RICO? Does the RICO part have to be relitigated in later trials?

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Pretty evident Trump will be tried separately in GA. That may be a good thing, as he's

the linchpin to the whole scheme. Just keep hoping

and praying he gets convicted. It will take only 1

guilty count to end his destruction roll.

Boebert was sitting in front of a pregnant woman, who had asked her a couple of times to please stop vaping. There

had been other complaints,

according to management.

This is their representative in

the House, disregarding her


President Zelensky(sp) of Ukraine will address the

Congress next week. I sincerely hope the Republicans pay attention and offer him the respect he

deserves, while so many of

their far right members cozy

up to Trump and Putin; two

twoof the most dangerous

people in the world.

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Bummer that Meadows withdrew his motion. Were it to proceed and address the courts question the federal officer rule applies to former federal officers, the resulting decision could be huge IMO. Now, now happening.

As for TFG’s numerous cases going to trial, the worst possible thing would be acquittal before the election. One could cause *a lot* of votes to be changed. In that regard, I ❤️ TFG’s universal play of delay, delay, delay. The Dems being the Dems would never run an ad as effective as keeping the trials in the news so voters don’t forget.

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