Trump's too busy campaigning to fly away yet.

Chutkan's getting ready for

jury selection in DC. Willis will

be moving for court date in GA soon. Cannon is going to

be dealt with soon also; still

see the 11th circuit in her future.

Primarily though, what

would wheels up and flying

away say to ALL the MAGAts

about their "fearless" leader?

Guilty and Chicken would be

the coffee counter whispers.

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Besides doing comically little, Eric Adams is the most corrupt mayor NYC has had in just over a hundred years.

First tells is his personal opacity and the grifters he’s appointed and special interests he’s served.

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If Trump skips town to live in a country without fear of extradition back to the US to face consequences, I'm afraid his current stochastic terrorism will turn into DIRECT ORDERS on his Truth Social against his perceived enemies. What's to stop him then??

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