If the following comes across as disrespectful of this newsletter or TPM, it’s completely not intended:

Reading about TFG and Cannon, I’m yet more grateful for the existence of TPM. It’s a dependable source of reliable political reporting. It’s an important corrective for the BS that the mainstream hoses with instead of responsible, fact-based reporting. Just two examples:

TFG is now dangerously unhinged -- and that’s an understatement. But the mainstream is disinterested in reporting the possibility that a candidate for the presidency is clinically insane (among other disqualifications including still be unfit for the office even after one term in office -- and with the odds that he’d be even more unfit if re-elected). What interests the press is that 80 Biden may be too old for office but some 2+ years younger, who’s apparently clinically insane and has a documented family history of dementia is no problem.

As for Cannon, the odds are that she’s not so much incompetent in the MaL case as her priority is giving the defendant all the assistance she can. This, too, the press has no interest in reporting.

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I DGAF if Menendez resigns or doesn't. He's a minnow swimming with the whales of Alito Thomas Mnuchin and Kushner. All these histrionics only serve to obscure the facts.

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Was Cassidy’s mother worried about Proud Boys and Oath Keepers or ANTIFA?

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I see the 11th District Court in Cannon's future. It didn't work out too well for her the

first time, might be worse her

2nd go round.

Thanks Morning Memo for sticking to facts and more

important news than main

stream seems to wallow in

these days.

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