This is why Schumer needs to bring the border/Ukraine bill to the floor. I suspect that there is a lot in that bill to address the ridiculous "charges" against Myorkas. So make republicans vote against it, then point out piece by piece how it addresses the supposed republican concerns. The time has come to play hardball, Ukraine can't wait much longer.

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Re Habba: having spent a couple of decades litigating in NYS courts let me say the failure for the head of a NY-based law firm to request a jury in the state fraud case is beyond amazing. Given that and her in court performance in Carroll II, nothing she does amazes me anymore.

Sort of related: just saw a claim that fPOTUS has paid out ~$50m to attorneys. Now I’m wondering whether he’s let’s say getting significant rebates back under the table. His genius was to operate businesses like the mafia rolled but leave out the actual criminal acts -- more like running his businesses like mafia front companies. The problem, of course, is that even that involves some illegal acts. He was lucky that as a tabloid attraction he was protected by the media. But, you know, being POTUS undercut that protection.

Almost related: if the NYS court referee says she found something illegal with fPOTUS’ Chicago deal, I believe her until such time she might be proven wrong.

As for DCCA foot dragging, my position is that the two cases leaving the defendant twisting slowly, slowly in the wind is fine. Neither case will be finally resolved in the next nine months. And, for course, if restored to office, he’ll pardon himself -- and no one will do anything about it. So better a trial in the media on a daily basis. That might not be enough to prevent an electoral college win (he’s not going to win the popular vote surely) but the constant exposure won’t help.

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Frankly, all the hand-wringing and fainting-couch worrying by so many people about missed trial dates, and a tRumpy DOJ in early 2025 dropping prosecution of all the federal charges against him, is predicated upon a November win that is less and less likely. tRump's legal problems in civil suits are adding up, literally and figuratively, and the MAGA crazies are alienating the greater public by the day.

Right now, the real joker in the deck is an expanded shooting war in the ME, where so-called "calculated" escalation gets completely out of hand, and public pressure forces Biden to really get his nads caught in a totally unwinnable vise with open warfare against Iran.

Remember all those right-wingers who were calling for "America first" and NO MORE foreign wars or engagements? Same people now are urging an all-out campaign against "Axis of Evil" heavyweight Iran, and Biden, unfortunately still hasn't learned much about US post 9-11 errors in the ME...sure, he finally bit the bullet and decamped from Afghanistan, but here he is, in lock-step with Israel, bankrolling the Gaza atrocities while confronting dozens of brushfires breaking out as a direct consequence of the destruction of Gaza. Biden desperately needs to gain control of this hot mess, or he will pay the price electorally, IMHO.

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Any photo of Alina Habba - who was recently asked which she would choose, being pretty or smart - demonstrates she is not pretty. Any action by her in her role as a "lawyer," demonstrates she ain't smart, either.

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So far this week, the news has been a sad roll call. I am

waiting for Taylor Swift and her gazillion fans to have a

say about the latest trash in

the news about her.

Habba...this is supposed to

be a top notch attorney? Perhaps the Bar Association

should have a chit chat with


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