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Excellent, riveting reporting on Chesebro. I have to go back and see how much damage was done to the plan when Ossoff and Warnock won Georgia. Is that when things fell apart for team treason? Bravo Josh and TPM

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Two "chronologically challenged candidates" according to whom?

I have doubtless lost some of the spin on my curveball and am no longer pursued by legions of admirers, but that is about the limit of my age challenge and I spot both of these men several years. If anyone is challenged it would be the man who has chased debauchery through out his life rather than one who has met with and overcome tragedy throughout his life.

In stark contrast to our intelligent, thoughtful and honest President, his challenger exhibits none of these qualities and is shedding support as these words are written. Our electorate may take a while to find the rotten apples and throw them out, but eventually we do.

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Someone needs to tell Mrs Haley that there is no "Democrat Party" and there's no way she will get our respect and support until she shows us some respect by saying the REAL name of the Democratic Party.

Statesman or Partisan - what will it be Mrs Haley?

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"Candidate Trump"?

Or is it "Comrade Trump"?

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I'll get to Chesebro later, but right now I want to address Mr. Stewart. No this is not funny. Yes it is up to the candidates to show us what they will do, AND it is up to the media to provide equal coverage which is not happening not even close. The NYT runs 5 banner headlines on Biden being old and maybe one on t***p,NATO and Russia. We have seen both men be president. We saw t***p well on his way to driving America into the ground both morally and economically. And then we had a pandemic that he tried to deny while knowing better, tried to hide but couldn't, then tried to use for political gain and killed thousands of Americans in the process. Then we have Biden who worked to bring our economy back as the strongest in the world, who has passed bipartisan infrastructure legislation that has delivered help across the country, who has put America back as leader of the free world and built a coalition that is standing strong against Russia. We see t***p trying to run the country by ordering congressional republicans about like they were his servants. Imagined if say Obama had done something similar when t***p was president.

His closing is correct, we make America everyday and I have always thought we could survive any president, but this time I am not sure, because for all the lies he tells t***p I believe is telling the truth about his plans to be dictator for one day and president for life. He is going to tear off all the guardrails, surround himself with yes men and loyalists and he has no intention of respecting the law or the constitution. Congress will not be able to check him because he will certainly dissolve them. He will declare martial law, suspend the constitution and thumb his nose at the supreme court. Donald J. Trump hates America and despises Americans even his own supporters and destroying the country that twice rejected him by millions of votes. This is the revenge he so wants make no mistake.

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Hi David. Another excellent Morning Memo. And Josh Kovensky's/TPM Chesebro documentary is excellent.

As for Trumpkin/Putin, you

should dig around in your

video archives for the Helsinki US Intel sell out

by Trump. The part where

Trump comes out of his

private meeting with Vlad

the cad and the look on both their faces. 😉 Sometimes a

picture, or video in this case,

is worth a thousand words.

Have a great day everyone.

The sun is finally shining where I live.

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I look forward to the discovery that Trump has raided the RNC’s treasury.

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F*** Jon Stewart. He reached his sell by date years ago.

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