5 Americans and 2 of their spouses came home from Iran, after a unilateral deal

with S. Korea was agreed on

to release some billions for

humanitarian aid to Iran. And

Biden is to blame for this?

Bet those 5 hostages and their spouses don't blame

Biden or S. Korea.

MSM and Option hacks losing their collective brains.

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It’s very clear to me that the corporate media in this country is intent to elect Trump or some other Republican and end free elections in this country. So it’s on us--THE MAJORITY--to vote in record numbers to preserve Democracy.

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The TPM Morning Memo is fantastic and when I get back on my financial feet I want to subscribe with a payment. But that said, I have, as the professionals say, a note.

A lot of good Morning Memo content is coming from X. When a post is also available on Mastodon, I would love to see the link go to Mastodon. Or Threads. (Bluesky is still too exclusive, and poor Spoutible isn’t getting traction.) My reasoning is that I hate hate hate reinforcing participation on X. It’s bad enough that journalists are both-sidesing fascism and democracy in the pages of their organizations. It’s worse when journalists use a fascist-forward social media site, X, to do journalism.

I’ll trust you to do the right thing. Your labor may take precedence over Patrick Gillam’s ethical biases, as surprising as that may come to me. Thanks for the work.

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