Thank you David for an excellent Morning Memo!


GUILTY on ALL counts and

locked away. May his cohorts, whoever and wherever they are, from the

bottom to top meet the same

JUSTICE they deserve.

And for the sake of our country, its people and democracy, VOTE BIDEN!


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I’d love to dance on tRump’s grave, but it’s a bit premature. It won’t be over until the Fat Idiot’s lawyers and corrupt judges fail.

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Three Bits of News

1. Georgia Supreme Court unanimously denies trump's motion to disqualify the investigative grand jury info and Fani Willis.

2. The Target Letter

3. Judge Cannon denies Smith a protective order re classified docs (which under the rules she "shall" order) because the parties haven't "discussed it enough." (trump's lawyers refused to confer).

Suddenly, in the wider world outside Florida District Court, Judge Cannon's bias seems like maybe it doesn't matter all that much. Let her delay the trial till after the primaries. Others will have left her in the dust.

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I came here to say basically the same: Judge Cannon's bias is rendered moot because the D.C. courts, being very familiar with trump's tactics, will not cut him any slack. That trial should move forward pretty quickly. Even though "insurrection" wasn't mentioned in the target letter, it could be charged; and if trump is convicted, he will be disqualified from running. Of course we can't count on that, so we still need to make every effort to defeat him at the polls.

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Your last sentence is critical, Sandy.

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Just a thought: the more detail emerges, the more clear it is (to me) that Trump is not nearly intelligent enough to have orchestrated everything...

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