Am I the only one who sees the witness against Fani Willis as not credible? A former friend who she fired doesn't seem like someone whose testimony should be trusted.

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Full marks for the robust defense put up by Fani Willis...for her closing statement, she should call upon Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett, who has been blowing up stupid white guys and their barely disguised patronizing racism for the past several years...yes, Black woman in office have endured an order of magnitude greater scrutinizing and criticism than have their white male colleagues, but, man, these women are taking it bigtime to their tormentors, leaving some busted heads and egos in their wake.

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I am an Old White Lady who grew up in the South. The veiled and unveiled attacks on Fani Willis by Old White men (mostly)were shocking to me. If the defendant was a white man none of these unrelenting assaults would have occurred. I am disgusted. Sure, she should never have had a fling with Wade but affairs of the heart are difficult to control. But there is no evidence of shady doings, just salacious garbage. This is the Old South raising its ugly head once again with race baiting and ugly words. Will it ever get better?

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Thank you for putting my feelings into words.

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IDGAF about whomever Fani goes out with or doesn't. It has nothing to do with the trial.

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Good morning David. Yes, another interesting day of

republican racism and failures

to get the "facts" and "evidence" lined up in a neat

row, before stepping in a pile

25 yrs behind bars for their

"expert" witness against the

Bidens. To say nothing of the

display in Georgia court, to be continued today.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend and let us all celebrate the

really good President we have, Joseph Biden, on Monday; President's Day.

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Your links to additional details that go to the Washington Post are blocked by a request to subscribe. I cancelled my subscription and gave the money to TPM, ironic…

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Other than proving they're a bunch of confederates, the defense didn't prove a damn thing. What proof did they establish that the District Attorney's office set out to undermine their defense intentionally? It was all just performative noise.

Speaking from Montana, as far as the Senate race is concerned there are a lot of Montana Republicans who are resentful of Daines and McConnell's deciding who their candidate will be.

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Well! David’s summing up of the Willis matter was far more polite than I’d put it.

That said, I’ll throw this out: other than giving jackals something to howl about, in the long run it accomplishes nothing helpful to any defenses. It helps the lead defendant’s fundraising and nothing else.

Let’s presume Willis hired Wade because of personal involvement with him. He’s either competent for the job or not. So instead making this stink (which likely help Willis if she runs for reelection), better to leave things alone on the chance that he proves incompetent. Why risk him being replaced by someone more competent? Of course, none of the jackals were retained so much for competence as much as be compliant to the lead defendant’s dictates.

As for NY, admittedly I’m too lazy to do the research but isn’t the dismissal of the defendant’s application to dismiss appealable prior to trial, so that trial date is much less firm that reported? Again, I’m with Tricky Dick Nixon his twisting slowly, slowly in the wind.

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