I am going to ask both of my Senators to ask the FCC to start an investigation into the Tucker Carlson show which could force Fox to either fire him or face an investigation that could jeopardize Fox"s broadcasting license.

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I have no trouble with reducing the surface parking lot sprawl. But the city involved needs to be sure the infrastructure is available to make an area actually walkable

I live on top of a big hill just north of downtown. It is almost all residential save for a couple of shopping streets, only one over 2 blocks long. There are indeed busses running to down town. But half of the city, including the University and a major shopping area (not mall) is NORTH of the hill. To get to anything to the north requires one to four transfers. I can get to the university with no transfers but to get to the bus I have to walk up and down a 7-8 block hill with a close to 18% grade. To get to the main busses to the north, the other hill leading to my house is almost as steep and 5-6 long blocks--and ultimately involves a block long set of steep stairs.

I’ve asked the city why it can’t provide shuttles up and down these hills. Crickets. Nor do they consider anything as innovative as a chair lift or escalator. Yet they are issuing permits for apartments with NO interior parking because there is “a bus line near by.” True--but only to the south.

The priority should be walkable first. THEN cut parking requirements.

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Is it true that Swanson TV Dinners are cat meat? Just asking questions...

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