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Good round up and good for you for calling out the DC press corpse and highlighting those who are telling it like it is. Bless John Fetterman and wishing him well. Who wouldn’t be depressed working there?

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Thank you, David for the look at insurance on homes.

I have friends who live in the

coastal areas of FL, LA and GA. Their home insurance rates have shot up this past

year. They are all thinking of

selling and moving to higher


As for McCarthy, Greene and

especially Trump and the rest

of their ilk, let's make sure in

the coming months of re-election, their names will

never appear on any ballot

in our country again.

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I look forward to seeing Mar-a-lago submerged . . . With the tRumps inside, along with their neonazi, fascist lackeys.

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Imagine taking political advice from Trump and MTG, or reporting on it as though it were serious, but of course it’s Haberman-Swan.

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Re that 11CA order: in plain English, they gave Willis another argument she can raise. And it’s a very good question. Not necessary for deciding the removal thing which IMO enabling TFG’s presumably illegal acts was outside what he was required to. I’d like to think (b/c of my past life) that Meadows raised that issue before Jones.

Re insuring coastal homes: baby steps.

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