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Speed, Scope and Scale: superb coverage. Thank you!

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Is there any hint of a speculation as to when Fani Willis will present her case(s) to the grand jury?

It's truly amazing how thoroughly Fox documented their 'actual malice' against Dominion. A sense of invincibility, arrogance, contempt...check, check, check...and here's a tape to make certain that our intentional lies are not misconstrued as mistakes.

We've had months of pundits describing the complex classification system employed by the US, scifs, code-level clearance...it turns out that a 20 or 30-something leisurely copied or photographed incredibly sensitive information over a period of months and posted on a Discord server to impress 17-year-old gamers...and no one noticed.

I'm fairly certain that a handful of tech-literate college students could devise a far better system for classifying, storing, and preventing unauthorized downloading or printing of classified information than we currently have.

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It certainly sounds good. We'll see. Also, "The point all along hasn’t been to send Trump to jail," maybe for some but for about 70% or so of Americans...THAT'S EXACTLY THE POINT.

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