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Good Monday Morning Memo 😁

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Inexplicably, today’s post read part of Esquire Dubious Achievement Awards piece. If you’re familiar with them, you know exactly what I mean; if not, don’t worry about it.


I’m grateful for every crumb of honest reporting from establishment media deigning to report honestly on Trump. That said, they failed in 2016 to report the obvious, that he was completely unfit for office (as he amply proved).

Now he’s still completely unfit for office and arguably clinically insane. Meanwhile, the media are following Dean Baquet’s infamous statement that we little people can “suss” out the truth.

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Regarding the 241 charge, Marcy Wheeler reported it earlier, noting the communities of color whose voting precincts in those battleground states were targeted specifically by the GOP. NAACP filed same complaints, and reported by NPR, just after the November 2020 elections. I ponder if it’s racism by the neofascist crowd, or the result of that in which GOP will never win without voter suppression (aka cheating)

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