Let's assume for the record that some of the SCOTUS Justice's clerks have read the TPM series on The Cheese's depositions regarding the fake electors/Big Steal efforts, and those efforts attempting to target "friendly" Justices.

No matter how politically biased a Justice may be, ANY vote to uphold a stay or even a tRump appeal in the light of what we know now about the scheming that went on leading up to the Jan6 insurrection would be grossly insupportable and critically damning of the Court itself.

So, with that in mind, and the fact that a previous decision by SCOTUS denying tRump's "immunity" claims re: Congressional subpoenas went strongly against him, my vote - as it has been since the DDC took up tRump's initial appeal -

is a DENIAL of cert, DDC decision stands, mandate is back on, and the POS goes to trial, end of.

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As usual, MSM pundits have Suozzi's win very wrong. Sure, we like his immigration

stand, but he had a major

big weapon backing him,

from coast to coast. It worked in PA too. Expect to see more

of this in the months ahead.

Vote BLUE!

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I am not buying the narrative regarding Suozzi winning based on immigration talking points. Democrats will continue to win because we have better candidates, funds to back them, Dobbs decision, guns and democracy.

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Go Wisconsin GOP! Now maybe the new justice won't have to worry about "recusing" herself because she had the temerity to be against gerrymandering.

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