Oh please NOT Jim Jordan! I couldn't take the volume.

Love how it's the Democrat's fault. They have to keep broadcasting it as less and less believe it to be true. This one rests solely on the clowns and they know it. Let's hope the tide is turning.

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Both Steve Vladeck, cited above, and Law Dork writer Chris Geidner made the same points: SCOTUS is NOT using the 5th CA rulings as a jumping-off point for arguing points of constitutional law, but rather how the district court judge ruled on cases pending appeal, and turning the appellate process on its head, thankfully. The takeaway is that SCOTUS - with the exceptions of Alito and Thomas - are not following the 5th CA's decisions down the far-right rabbit hole, which can only be received with a huge sigh of relief.

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How dare the poltroon McCarthy call out the Democrats for "Jan 6" and its aftermath, when - mirabile dictu - he himself actually did the right thing and 100% blamed tRump, then three weeks later, it's down to MAL with shiny new kneepads begging forgiveness from his liege...sickening POS, and good riddance.

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Agent orange told gaetz to go after mccarthy so as to paralyze congress, shut down the country and thereby stop the prosecutions against him. Agent orange is seeking another (permanent) term as prez by twisting the election officials in select states and siphons votes from Biden through the well funded No Labels group that is seeking to have maserati manchin run. Once prez, he will suspend any further elections, go after his enemies, pardon himself, eliminate much of our government and just eat more food than he needs. Yes there is a plan here and the gop is allowing it to unfold. I hope they lose.

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Thank you, David. It's always the Dems fault, isn't it? When

legislation is moving and things are going well for the

people - red & blue - when

Democrats have the Executive and Legislative

momentum, the chaos caucus will find something to

blame them for and make

sure that drives the MSM cycle 24/7 until the next mass shooting.

At this point in time, Republicans can't be trusted.

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Either Tim Miller is naive or blind to the love for Trump. My bet is the kitchen he was in was a White person’s, and the support of Trump was to shield her dollars from paying taxes.

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