About that immunity appeal:

After the three-judge panel drops its decision, there are one or two steps on the way for final resolution:

Whoever loses on that round can request a hearing before all of the DC Circuit’s judges. Following that, there can be an appeal to SCOTUS where, if past is prologue, fPOTUS would lose. So far, he’s hitting zero for appeals there. They clearly don’t seem interested in, well, displaying loyalty. I’d bet at least Roberts and the three liberals wouldn’t grant immunity on the issue of interfering with the counting of the electoral votes on the basis of sad over losing an election without any proof of any significant fraud. Great proof that the defendant knew it was bullshit is when he asked Raffensperger for a precise number of ballots. One only does if one himself is engaged in fraud.

OTOH, 🤞🏻. Time will tell.

As for the Chief Xit’s visit to Israel, no words for how stupid and disgusting Netanyahu’s participation in the idiocy is. Maybe Netanyahu believes that he himself is finished so why not honor a fascist POS in his performance.

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Note Musk and all in. pic, including background, are wearing flak jackets. Israel today?

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Nov 28, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023

Pence needs to go back & talk with his attorney, Judge Luttig, who will explain that some "reckless" conduct is so wanton that violent intent and/or manslaughter can be inferred as a matter of law. J6 tfg: "Take the magnetometers down".

Actually, anyone that has gone to law school will do as decades of "hornbook cases" have proven violent intent as a matter of law.

But, violent intentions need not be proven on the conspiracy to block certification as Judge Michael Luttig explained today on MSNBC & articulated in a series of now famous tweets on January 5, 2021 the day before the J6 insurrection which will be entered as evidence against tfg at Trial.

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