"At what point does a presidential campaign conspiring to weaponize the federal government against its political enemies become fair game for criminal investigation? It’s a delicate and complicated question, but one we best be asking ourselves sooner rather than later."

We didn't ask when it was apparent in 2016 that Trump was getting help from Russia to win the election. The difference, I think, was that we were naive back then. Americans never believed it was possible that a true psychopath would run for president and win.

Is it a delicate question when the police suspect someone of committing a murder? No. The imperative is to arrest the suspect and prosecute them. Why should it be a "delicate" matter to prosecute a president? Why are some people above the law and we must tiptoe around whether justice should be served?

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I would like to ❤️ this comment a few dozen times.

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Thank you, just as many times!

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You’re welcome. 😊

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1. Trump is not the president. He's a "civilian" thug wanting to be the president again, who has plainly threatened,

by name, the security of citizens of this country. There's plenty of video and

Truth Social media to back

that up. How far over the line

does he have to go before

he's stopped?

2. President Zelensky, Bravo!

Tell it like it is, sir.

Thanks Morning Memo. I

sincerely hope Trump can't

control himself today in court.

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To my mind, he’s way over that line.

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The one pleasure to be found among all this pain is how at least some of DT’s cronies, such as Mark Meadows and Rudy Giuliani, are finally getting their comeuppance.

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