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It turns out that the reason Professional POS Elon Musk (who never invented anything - he's used his part of his dodgy Unreconstructed Afrikaner family's dodgy profits made in conflict gems and blood diamonds during the apartheid regime's dodgy African wars to INVEST in the people who did invent PayPal and Tesla and Space-X, then like Thomas Edison, steal the credit) went all-antisemite on George Soros over the weekend is because he learned that Soros bought 132,000 shares of Tesla stock in 2022 and then sold all of it in Qtr1 of 2023 since it went up 68%. As to his "defense" of "free speech as defined in law" when he cancelled or blocked the Twitter accounts of Turkish opposition leaders in the run-up to last weekend's election, I'm sure the fact Space-X is negotiating with the Erdogan dictatorship to launch Turkish satellites, and that Tesla is raising new money in Turkey for future production of the tinny pieces of crap (any product for which you have to sign a Non-Disparagement Agreement - as Tesla owners do - in order to obtain service on said product, is not normal), has absolutely nothing to do with the "free speech absolutist" caving in to the demands of the dictator.

And this Aspergian is here to tell you he does NOT have Aspergers. He's just an asshole who uses that to be the "victim" when people point out his overall assholery. He's just another Chief Twit born on third base who thinks he hit a triple.

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