RE your last note: those of us in Ohio are definitely crying (wailing, gnashing of teeth may be included). Vance is a dunce. The Herschel Walker of finance guys. It's truly horrifying.

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As a fellow Ohioan, I feel that pain. But we need to keep pressing these issues. Never give up, but wailing and crying help.

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Picture this scenario:

1. agent orange gets convicted of election interference and theft of national secrets in at least two courts but does not get sentenced before the 2024 prez’ election.

2. joe manchin runs for prez under the no labels cast of agent orange supporters and takes votes away from President Joe Biden.

3. agent orange, with the help of bogus polls by WSJ and (fox news wannabe impersonator) cnn, suppresses votes and manipulates several key states through election chicanery and pulls off an upset.

4. agent orange is inaugurated, pardons himself and peter (but not rudy or cheesecake or his compatriots), and then he goes after everyone who ever made fun of him or critcised him and seeks repeal of NY Times v Sullivan.

5. the US economy tanks and Europe writes us off as not dependable.


We get our act together and end this nonsense once an for all.

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Good news, not so good news. The roller coaster of 23/24. A hell of scary ride,

but I'm on it for Biden and Justice. I'd still like to know

how Gym Jordan wound up

on the Judiciary committee,

muck less congress. Fani

Fani Willis sure knows how

to smack with facts.

As for the 5th Circuit, I think

most of its members oozed

up out of the Permian slime.

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Pardon seekers need only hope for the following:

1. Trump wins.

2. Trump feels loyalty to the seekers.

3. Trump actually issues the pardon before his next cheesburger, (as pardons don't apply posthumously.)

Pardons are supposed to correct a previous injustice. If your fate is tied to a prayer for pardon, perhaps it's time to reflect on your day job selection.

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Friggin DOJ and lawsuits. Just send in the COE and pull that shit out and make them sue us fer chrissakes

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