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The absurdity to the TX anti-abortion law is that it places a judge in the position of ruling on a purely medical circumstance, whose particular outcomes are well-documented, and that virtually no licensed OB/GYN practitioner would treat otherwise than what Ms Cox and her husband opted for. Paxton is just imposing an enormous level of cruelty upon what already has been torment for the family...but lest we forget: Cruelty. is. the. point.

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Thanks for the link to Cole Brauer posts. Nice to follow something uplifting!

As for Paxton…how did he escape impeachment? Lordy.

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Go Cole!

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Paxton doesn’t respect the judiciary. Disgusting!

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Hunter Biden paid the taxes he owed. Now he's indicted for not paying those taxes,

for lying about those taxes

on his tax forms and for his

drug addicted lifestyle living

off the taxes he didn't pay then, but has paid to date.

Mr. Weiss must be getting

a lot of pressure from the

the former GOP. Of course,

I believe Merrick Garland has

to approve this move thus

verifying no one is above

the law. My problem with

his slow-mo on that, is the

congresspeople and senators

who conveniently forgot all

about their oaths up to and

on 1/6/20. They were all

co-conspirators in an attempt

to overturn a fair election in

our country. They're still there, in our House, stirring the pot.

Ken Paxton! Isn't he being

investigated by the DOJ?

Have a good weekend. I'm

taking it off for my mental

health. After this week, it's


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Re the Biden tax indictment: IIRC he already paid the full amount owed to the IRS.

If one wonders what kind of person fPOTUS appointed as a USA, this.

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