The Carter’s are emblematic of all the good two people can do in service to their country and to one another. I can’t think of a finer example of devotion and deep love. I’d like to focus on that today… and into each future day. We need these qualities now more than ever.

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The "Danger of Forgetting" is not on Biden and the Democrats, it's on the media. Mainstream media seems to have forgotten how they boosted Trump into the White House with their irresponsible coverage back in 2016. With a right wing disinformation machine that has billions of dollars behind it, it's no wonder most Americans are clueless.

Media need to do their job, but even that might not be enough, considering the massive weight of disinformation.

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I could not have said it any better than this. The media gave us Trump on a silver platter, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

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The notion that the president is not an "officer of the United States" is obviously fallacious. If Judge Sarah B. Wallace had consulted the record of congressional debates over the 14th Amendment, she would have seen that both its authors and opponents explicitly included the president in that category, as did the general political discussions of the time. According to the Constitutional Accountability Center, "Section 3 was adopted principally to prevent 'Officers of the United States' who joined the Confederacy from reclaiming power in the Reconstruction government. Its drafters hardly would have exempted a turncoat president." If the current SCOTUS majority is really devoted to "original meanings," they should have no trouble overturning Wallace's decision.

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We will not soon forget the needlessly awful way Republicans and the Republican Party treated the Carters after 1981. Those chickens WILL come home to roost.

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To me, Jimmy Carter is the ultimate example of a Christian. He walks the talk. How in the world, can the right wing evangelical christians claim (with a straight face) that trump is the choice to follow. There is absolutely nothing christian/good about trump. Just blows my mind!!

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What is that Face on tRump? It gives me pleasure that so many photographers get the worst photos of him and they are used in the best ways!

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Carl Sagan once said, "You have to know the past to

understand the present."

Sadly, the people of our country have embraced Fascism before, from our

Senate and Congress down

to everyday people on the street. 1933 - 1941 were

rocky years for our country.

Well documented in the

National Archives, Library of

Congress and even in the

Nuremberg trials.

Be smart people. Open your eyes to the dangers of Trump's campaign.

David, a peaceful Thanksgiving to you and your


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Chutkan’s order also noted that the indictment -- language in which was the basis for the motion (beyond the desire to delay the trial) -- is not shown to the jury so it doesn’t matter what’s in the indictment.

As for the Colorado decision: It can easily be read as a license for a POTUS to toss election for no better reason that he was upset that he lost.

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