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1. Let me get this straight: the Integrity Committee is the body set up by statute to oversee complaints against an Inspector General, and is doing so, and now the IG Cuffari is suing to stop them from doing what they were set up by Congress to do? Do members of a department overseen by an IG get to sue to stop the IG from investigating the actions of those members

2. Is there any suggestion that Rep. Tricia Cotham will vote in lockstep with the GOP on all matters? She complains of pressures from the progressive wing of the Democrats to be in lockstep with THEM. Wait till she tries to get out of step with the GOP. She should contemplate the fate of Liz Cheney.

3. The Tennessee GOP is going on about the "disorder" brought to the house by the protests of the Tennessee Three. According to the speech by Justin Jones, after refusing to recognize the group the Speaker put the house in recess immediately. Are there rules about people talking during a recess? (Clearly a rhetorical question, but as a technical matter I am curious.)

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