So some stupid schlub threatens sporktoes and gets nabbed. But let tangeranus go on and on and on and DOJ derp derp dee poo poo whaddya gonna do.

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Nov 13, 2023·edited Nov 13, 2023

Hah...thanks for the reminder about Empty's weird feet and the alacrity of the media to cover every minor affront to a republican Congressmember, but coverage on a speech from Herr Gropenfuhrer that would've sounded more plausible in the original German (paraphrasing an Ivins quote with apologies to her literary ghost) is practically nil and what little coverage was labeled very misleadingly by the NYT.

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Well liberal media amirite!

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right (say it with sarcasm)

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Good for all of those calling out the NYT for their normalizing headline and article on tfg’s Hitler redux plan. We all need to call out all media that does this. It’s heartening to see the headline change. And how do we change the negativity bias/fear factor click bait model that seems to sell newspapers? Real question for those who may have ideas.

The Hank Azeria /Matthew Perry piece was behind a paywall.. I’d like to read it but no big deal, just letting you know.

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You're right, David, a lot happened!

The Orange Boils truth/LIE post looked lots like one of his hero, Adolf Hitler's, rants.

I have a feeling the DC J6

trial is going to be a zinger.

Jack Smith and team are not playing games. Lauro is out

of his depth.

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