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The term "Christian Nationalism" is an insult to Christians world-wide. Whenever I read the term in print, what I say in my head is, "UnChrist-like Nationalism."

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You described his day job perfectly! "...while Trump himself remains dangerous he also serves in an additional role as a conduit for all sorts of bad actors, conspiracists, grifters, ne’er-do-wells, hangers-on, con artists, extremists, and ideological wackadoodles."

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EVs are in the Model T stage of evolution. There's gonna be fits and starts but it's coming hard.

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MTG "a real playa" in DC? Whaa? With an IQ of a road apple, there really, really needs to be some brains behind this, and who better than a former Tom DeLay associate...oy vey, a "playa" - kill me now!

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I have a vague memory from the mid-60s when they were changing the holidays around and one of the stayed reasons was to honor "all" Presidents. They had to say something - they were replacing 2 holidays w 1

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That is a great photo of the ugly face of tRump at the top! Use that photo ALWAYS when writing about him.

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Tlaib is contemptible garbage, Omar is not better. Presley and AOC notwithstanding, I have no patience with these 'Just Us' Democrats who seem bent on attacking the party.

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Gold sneakers at $600.00? 🤣 Going to have to sell a lot

of those just to pay NY 9%

interest on defrauded millions.

I know the best landfill MTG can make her next move on up to.

EVs? I have one. Have been

riding in one for about 20 years. I can travel 15 miles round trip on a routine

charge. ♿ 😁 1 battery needs replacement once a year,

price varies, covered by


Thanks Dave. Good start to a

TPM week

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No Daddy did NOT die a MAGA, the story makes clear he repented at the end, I wasn't going to read it but I am glad I did. I urge all that see this today to call as many republican congressmen as you can and urge them to force a vote for Ukraine.

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I’m sure many here will be interested in backing this:


As for the infusion of Xian nationalism in Trump 2.0: that spectrum of Xianity can reference Judaism however they want but the their core is the antithesis of Judaism. Do an online search of “tikkun olam”.

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