Meanwhile, another erstwhile tRump lawyer pleaded out in Atlanta...that would be Jenna Ellis, who is getting the same sort of deal as was given to Sidney Powell...she was fast running out of money, as the tRump PACs weren't any longer picking up her legal tabs. I'm sure that Ms Ellis will have a few words to say regarding the "fake electors" scheme in GA.

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Working backwards...

Bolts does indescribably excellent work. Like David said, its coverage complements TPM. As David said, highly recommended.

As for the late filings:

It’s highly common in litigation in the online filing. It’s a way to deprive adversaries of up to a day to draft any response. What defense counsel did here is in no way special.

As for the merits of the motions, they’re irrelevant insofar as, at least, delaying case which I love to see. As I’ve said ad nauseum already, I want all the pending trials kept in the news as much as possible til the election. And much better none getting resolved, leaving the defendant to be tried in the press and court of public opinion, than fPOTUS getting an acquittal.

As Tricky Dick Nixon said, let fPOTUS twist slowly, slowly in the wind right up to Election Day. If nothing else, the stress is getting to him, making him yet more unhinged unless it’s early stage dementia or a combination.

The Democrats because reasons rely heavily on the Republicans making themselves look bad and between fPOTUS and the House, the GOP will unlikely ever be more repellent.

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This is absolutely priceless. It is a short clip from, I believe, Trump’s campaign stop in New Hampshire, where he actually tells the audience to “not worry about voting, because we have plenty of votes,” but they need to watch out for those fake voters. I hope his MAGA supporters take his advice about not voting very seriously.


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Ken Buck litmus on election denial as non starter for Speaker makes me think he’s cooperating with SC Jack Smith’s deputies Hulser and or Harbach. A girl can dream 😂

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