Thanks to the references to the Philip Bump articles. He makes a lot of sense.

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Cannot Cannon has no idea

what "immunity" means and will rummage around until

SCOTUS decides the issue.

If Trump appeals to the 11th,

I expect a judicial hammer blow to his head.

Excellent newsletter, David.

Have a great weekend.

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Good morning, David...ah, yes, the plaintive call for more (white) babies by that towering intellect, "Coach" Tommy Tuberville. Ol' Tubbs neatly defined his - and probably the greater mass of male MAGA - views on both the *caff-caff* "sanctity of life" AND the chief role of women in today's society here in Murka with his plea. Oy vey!

As for the train-wreck that is the Mar-a-Lago docs trial...I'm sure that *Judge* Cannon will give tRump's yet-again "immunity" claims careful and considered attention, but as much as she would LIKE to grant his motion, she will keep one eye on SCOTUS to see how they handle the Jan6 immunity appeal, and *probably* will deny the motion if SCOTUS upholds the DCC ruling; but tRump being tRump, it then eventually gets appealed to the 11th CA, and so on and so forth, with yet another shovelful of Florida sand tossed into the gears of the criminal justice system...[sigh].

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I am certain t***p's lawyers have written very impressive ruling for judge Cannon to deliver supporting this.

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I am taken by the almost loss of sons.

We contributed to their birth, most always in a pleasurable fashion and however slightly gave time to their upbringing. However the strong biological urge, so important to our continued existence has, as world population exponentially grows, become a serious impediment in our planet's ability to support animate life.

Overpopulation is not solved by war and until we accept the responsibilities of peace and life here on Earth as the limit to our existence, wars such as those now being waged will only exacerbate the problem. There may be many solutions offered, but accepting the myth of various male controlled religions is not, nor has ever proven viable.

We are here, alone on this tiny speck of our universe and only delude ourselves into thinking the ongoing acceptance of male supernatural belief is not the cause of our problems. The solution to our problems now as in the past has always been dependent on intervention of some sort of invented male god, a failed concept that has, as designed, only entrenched male enrichment and power.

Birth control will either be understood, accepted and addressed by our world's people or the alternate path of thermonuclear destruction accompanied by microscopic plagues of some sort will prevail. Like it or not there is only so much to go around and entertaining life on another planet will never be more than a poetic illusion.

While we must be individually honest, shedding illusion and accepting responsibility, we must also understand the aforementioned, 'only so much', means a redistribution of wealth which ensures a limit to our present quality of life disparity. Realistically we are living in a not so free enterprise system, where excessive wealth itself is rewarded by creating laws favorable to luxurious indulgences which fly in the face of human equality.

Our progeny will live as a community of equals or accept the heavier yoke of economic slavery that our ongoing philosophy of dog eat dog guarantees. If this problem is not acknowledged it will clearly not be addressed, resulting in a future of wars such as those now being waged in Africa, Palestine and Ukraine. As it has never been before, the literal future of our planet rests in the hands of a few dangerous men who ominously subscribe to supernatural belief as their guide.

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