One of the problems with global warming is minimalizing and trivializing it by using the term climate change.

Next problem it seems is that every anomalous event has a butterfly effect. Addressing one crisis isn’t enough to mitigate the harm being done elsewhere by the crisis.

Sometimes, one can get lucky without doing anything to address it. But that’s the exception to the rule and that’s certainly the case with global warming. Every day without a sufficient response lets the problem worsen. Also to be kept in mind: global warming is one of the great hidden costs of capitalism.

My 2¢.

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You missed the best part of Passantino and Weissman’s tweet, Passantino was never called out by name. Hell he might have been referring to Herschmann who said to Cassidy after she testified, ‘I never knew you remembered so much’

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Menendez is a minnow alongside the whales of Mnuchin Kushner Alito and Thomas. FFS

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