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Great morning memo read! You got it. I hope Jeffries throws the progressive Justice Democrats an anchor and finds solid candidates to primary them.

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Good morning, David. Good Morning Memo. 👍

I honestly don't think we, the

the people, should be paying

the grifters of the FGOP and

the FC a red cent while they

keep flip flopping on recesses. How many vaca

days have they already had

in 2023?

MTG continues to prove why

she should be in permanent

recess from DC.

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The NPR piece on the Palestinian farmer was spot-on as a bearing-witness statement on the brutality of life in the Occupied Territories. And the unfortunate man then was arrested and held for several hours by the IDF because....well, because he was a Palestinian farmer speaking to US media without "authorization" from the occupying army, I guess.

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How is it that Bartiromo is still employed at Fox? FFS!

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New Hampshire makes more sense than South Carolina because it could actually vote blue. South Carolina is decades off from that.

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Excellent piece on Trump's desperation. Thank you for reminding us all that despite Trump's flailing attempts to defend himself in all four indictments, Jack Smith has a boatload of evidence (from many of the hundreds of defendants who were prosecuted for Jan 6) that will show that he incited the insurrection.

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Why is taking so long to investigate these fake electors? We’ve known there were fake since the get go. Why is it 2-3 years later?

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