Thanks David. A lot going on today. Have a good weekend

with family.

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The good news just doesn't stop...this a.m., in Fulton County, Ken "The Cheese" Chesebro pleaded down to one felony charge, with an agreement to testify truthfully on direction from the prosecution...Cheese didn't escape a potential prison charge, but is a goldmine of knowledge round the "fake electors" scheme and tRump's intimate involvement with same.


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Well, I guess we can call all these death threats and repugnant messages “legitimate political discourse.”

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The ads practically write themselves.

"Wanna make a difference in your country? Become a US Congressperson! Benefits include:

For Dem House Reps - stand by and watch your GOP colleagues self-immolate!

For GOP Reps - receive Death Threats daily from your very own colleagues!

Apply now."

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Well, Calamity Gym is going down for the third straight vote, with a few more anti votes picked up by the anyone-but-Jordan

faction....and so it goes, onward and downward.

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Thank you for great reporting. I’m grateful Hannity’s role trying to get Gym elected as speaker, and the mob like violent threats against those against Gym, will do more to expose Murdochs’ role undermining democracy.

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