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Thank you for your morning memo. Please take care and heal.

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Trump's willing to go to jail.🤣

Well then, grant him his willingness asap. Send him

off to hoe cotton or soy beans.

Hoping you and son are recovering well, David.

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Oct 17, 2023·edited Oct 17, 2023

Trump willing to go to jail for democracy.

So blast this across the media to stifle potential violence and arrest his ass.

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Trump’s "willingness" to go to jail to restore democracy is him setting the stage to become a martyr. He knows he's f**ked and is trying to put the best possible face on it. And the cult will eat it up without question. The rest of us can only applaud his selfless generosity */ end snark /*

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Mr. Trump, we welcome you to the Florence, CO, Supermax prison. You’ll have plenty of privacy there in your solitary confinement cell.

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