Sitemap - 2023 - Morning Memo

QAnon Shaman Is Out Of Prison And Being Treated Like A Hero

Espionage Act Charges Very Much In Play For Donald Trump

Trump’s Criming Makes 2024 Impossible To Predict

As We Count Down To Indictments In MAL Case, Trump Starts Wailing

Jack Smith Subpoena Targeted Trump Org Foreign Biz Deals

Jack Smith Has 50 Pages Of Real-Time Notes From Evan Corcoran

Stop Calling DeSantis v. Disney A Feud!

FBI Strips Security Clearances From Jim Jordan Witnesses Over Jan. 6 Issues

Paul Gosar Has No Comment On His Staff’s Ties To Nick Fuentes

The Worst Part Of The Durham Report Is What’s Not In It

It’s Coming From Inside The House

Donald Trump Is An Absolutely Terrible Criminal Defendant

CNN Primetime Trump Fest Was Of Course A Disaster

What On Earth Could George Santos Possibly Be Charged With?

There’s Plenty Of Debt Ceiling Drama. Don’t Fall For The Fake Kind.

Morning Memo: Trump Chickens Out Of Testifying In Carroll Trial

Jack Smith Has An Insider Source At Mar-a-Lago?

Jack Smith Probes Whether MAL Video Was Tampered With

Somnambulant Fox Board Shocked To Discover Tucker Carlson’s Racism!

Have We Learned Absolutely Nothing About Covering Donald Trump?

What Exactly Is Going On In The E. Jean Carroll Trial?

Intended Victim Of The Jan. 6 Attack Reluctantly Testifies

Trump Loses His Bid To Block Pence Grand Jury Testimony

Kevin McCarthy Struggles To Deliver On Promised Hostage-Taking

Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

Biden To Announce Re-Election Bid Same Day Trump Rape Trial Begins

The Texas Senate Just Voted To Destroy Its Public Universities

The House GOP Is Back On A Collision Course With Reality

Buck Up! Fox News Just Took A Devastating Hit For The Ages

This Is The Dumbest Debt Ceiling Fight Ever

Oops! Team Thomas Offers Baffling Explano For Ethics Lapse

MTG And Carlson Rush To Defend Discord Leaker And Turn Him Into Tribal Signifier

Jack Smith Barrels Toward An Epic Confrontation With Donald Trump

Fox News Faces More Setbacks Ahead Of Major Defamation Trial

Can We Go Back To How BAD The Abortion Pill Ruling Was?

Abbott Vows To Pardon Man Who Killed BLM Protestor While Case Is Still Pending

They Straight Up Did The Racism In Tennessee

Have You SEEN Dominion’s Witness List For The Fox News Trial?

Donald Trump Suffers Major Setback In Jan. 6 Investigation

An Unprecedentedly Corrupt Ex-POTUS Finally Faces The Music

Did Trump Himself Rifle Through MAL Docs After Grand Jury Subpoena?

Insecure, Indicted Man Checks In With His Friends

When The Truth Is ‘Bad For Business’

The House GOP’s Newly Revealed Backchannel Comms With Trump

*Now* The Grievance Reel Is ‘Offensive’

Grievance Tour 2024 Gets Its Grand Kick Off In Waco

Casualties Of Carlson Come For Revenge

DeSantis Reveals He Can Be Bullied

Judge Agrees With DOJ That Trump Likely Committed A Crime

Thoughts And Prayers: The ‘Radical Left’ Has Infiltrated The Phone Lines Now Too

When In Doubt, Pivot To The Laptop

A Case Study On The Epidemic Of Bothsidesism In Journalism

Trump’s New TV Attorney Is A Piece Of Work


Inciter-In-Chief Trump Now Blames Pence For The Jan. 6 Violence

Michael Cohen To Testify To Stormy Daniels Grand Jury

Trump Faces A Looming Indictment In Stormy Daniels Case

Why Hasn’t Fox News Settled With Dominion?

In The Smoldering Wreck Of Fox News, They All Deserve Each Other

Kevin McCarthy’s Dirty Deal With Tucker Carlson Plays Out Exactly As Planned

Trump Tees Up A Cycle Of Revenge With ‘I Am Your Retribution’ Speech

Jim Jordan’s Bogus Probe Exposed For The Charade It Is

Stop Calling It The ‘Culture Wars’

Matt Gaetz Busted For Touting Chinese Propaganda In House Hearing

Wow, Rupert Murdoch Is Fox News’ Own Worst Witness

Fox News Holds Its Own Media Reporter Hostage As Defamation Case Plays Out

Not Just A Crypto Scam: SBF Accused Of Massive Campaign Finance Violations, Too

The Devil’s Bargain Kevin McCarthy Struck With Tucker Carlson For Jan. 6 Footage

Georgia Grand Jury Foreperson Goes On Wacky Press Tour

MTG Celebrated Lincoln’s Birthday With A Full-Throated Call For Secession

Dominion Lowers The Boom On Fox News In Epic Defamation Case

Why Is DOJ Only Now Getting Around To Subpoenaing Mark Meadows?

Suspicions In Mar-A-Lago Case Confirmed

Mike Pence Will Fight Jack Smith Subpoena–But Not On Executive Privilege Grounds

Making Sense Of The Trump Classified Docs Case

How Could You NOT Subpoena Mike Pence?

The Circus Comes To Town

Mitt Romney Scolds ‘Sick Puppy’ George Santos At SOTU

WARNING: Republicans Are Up To Their Same Old Tricks On Social Security

‘Democrats Worry’ Is The New ‘Democrats In Disarray’

Barr Confirms Key Element Of NYT Bombshell

Trump Org Official To Testify In Stormy Daniels Hush Money Probe

What The House GOP’s Targeting Of Ilhan Omar Is Really All About

The Secret Battle Over Scott Perry’s Phone

Why The House GOP Debt Ceiling Gambit Is Extra Insane

The Worst Attorney General In 50 Years Was Even More Corrupt Than We Thought

George Santos Gets Snippy About Those Bizarro Campaign Loans

House GOP Hits The Launch Button On Its Most Corrupt Scheme

You’re Going To Jail Now, Bi-otch

Weak-Kneed Hill Dems Fold In Face Of GOP Onslaught Over Biden Docs

Trump Personally Hit With Nearly $1M Sanction By Federal Judge

Has There Ever Been Anyone Like George Santos Before?

George Santos Is Everything Kevin McCarthy Deserves

The George Santos Revelations Just Keep Coming

The Confounding Double Standard Behind Robert Hur’s Appointment As Special Counsel

Prosecutors Can Use Trump’s ‘Stand Back and Stand By’ Video In Proud Boys Trial

The Corruption Runs Deep In This Rolling Clown Show

Newly Revealed Subpoena Has Rudy In More Hot Water

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